Videochat is great for meeting people all over the world, but many such meetings begin with a long string of emails for scheduling a meeting. Vectera's integrated scheduling feature solves this headache by allowing users to link their online calendars to the app, set availability times, and send links for people to set up meeting times that work for both of them. And, best of all, this process is super quick and easy. Here's how it works.

Connect Your Calendar

Step One: Go to

You should see a page like this.

Step Two: Click "Change Your Preferences" and click "Reconnect your calendar".

The blue button right there.

Step Three: Choose your preferred calendar app of the five available options.

Sadly, paper calendars are not supported. Yet.

Step Four: Agree to let Chronofy link Vectera scheduling with your calendar. Don't worry, we strictly follow the GDPR and will never use your information without prior consent. If done properly, you should get a screen like this:

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You can customize your time zone and booking key from here. Your booking key is the link you'll send to anyone that wishes to book an appointment with you. 

Once your calendar is connected, you'll never have to worry about scheduling confusion again! At least, for videochats. Trying to schedule family parties will still be a nightmare. Unless it's on Vectera.

Vectera's ease of scheduling is just one of many features designed to make it easier for anyone over the world to connect. Find out more about the videochat platform on: 

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