What the integration does for you: when you connect your Teamleader account to your Vectera account, all new guests that schedule a meeting, via your personal booking page in Vectera, will automatically result in new contacts on your Teamleader account. Optionally, the same could be done for companies and/or deals. 

Before you start integrating, note that you need the "Scheduling" add-on in order to benefit from this feature.

Watch the video or read below how you can connect your accounts: 

Connect both of your accounts

  1.  Go to the "Integrations" tab that you can find on your Vectera account below settings, or by simply clicking on this link: vectera.com/integrations/

  2. Now you can see the available integrations, click on Teamleader

3. Click on "Authenticate" to verify your Teamleader account

4. Fill in your Teamleader login data in the window that pops up

5. if you see the same screen as in the picture below, your accounts are connected! 

When your accounts have been linked and verified, you will be redirected to complete some more settings.

All new customers who schedule an appointment, but cannot be linked to a contact in Teamleader, will automatically result in a new contact on your Teamleader account. 

There are 2 options you can activate for new companies and new deals: 

Option 1: "Create a new company if no matching company is found".  
The first option is similar to what happens for contacts, but based on the company that makes an appointment.

Note: If you choose to activate this option, it is important to make sure your appointment types are adjusted accordingly. As soon as you create a type in the "Scheduling" page, you also need to create a custom question asking the name of the company when an appointment is made.

To do this you go to custom questions.

Next, you ask the question the customer will see, in our case: "what is the name of your company?". Please note that the box below required must be ticked and the type must be company name. Press save and you're done!

If you don't do this, your customers will not be able to fill in the company name and it will become impossible for the Teamleader to match companies.

Option 2: "Create a new deal if no matching contact is found".

The second option goes even further, because here a new deal will be created for each new contact.

6. You are ready for a smoother CRM flow! Good luck!

If you have any other questions or you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch at hello@vectera.com.

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