How many participants are allowed in a meeting with audio+videoconferencing?

Vectera is made for small 1-on-1 conversations or meetings with small groups. That's why Vectera allows up to 6 participants during a meeting in a Vectera meeting room (soft limit). 

Considering the connection between the participants is peer-to-peer, it depends on the stability of each participant's internet connection to ensure a quality meeting.

Tip: you can toggle off video at any time to de-stress the connection and increase the conversation quality.

How many participants are allowed in a meeting with only audio conferencing?

Vectera does not impose a hard limit on the amount of participants in a meeting room. So if you're only using audio conferencing, which means your internet connection is less stressed, you can have more than 6 participants in a meeting.

But be advised: the conversation quality depends on all other participant's connections!

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