Watch the video to see how you create Vectera meeting rooms and to get a brief overview of de features within such a room. Below you read the steps to create a Vectera room.

Create a meeting room: 

1.. Log on to your Vectera account on , afterwards you'll be redirected to Dashboard.

2. Complete the URL with the name of the client or customer for which this room will be used.

3. Afterwards, click 'Create' to create the meeting room.


4. Now you will be redirected to the room via this page. Choose how you want to enter the meeting (with video & audio, just audio or neither).

5. In case you chose audio or video, you camera and microphone will be tested automatically. Click 'Join' to enter the meeting room:

6. You are in the room! Now invite your guests by sending them the URL to this room. Copy the URL in the address bar or via the 'Share' button

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