At the time of writing (August 2019), a lot of people have a laptop, tablet or smartphone available. Those devices usually have an integrated webcam, microphone and have enough performance to enjoy a quality video meeting.

If you don't - that's not a big problem! We're living in an age where technology is well affordable and widespread.

Disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated with any of the companies that make these devices. Just want to help you make a good decision!


  • A decent screen size is important. 13"-14" is not too small, but not too big either if you're on the go.
  • Check for enough RAM (processing power). 4GB is a good start.
  • Battery capacity is important, mostly indicated by the amount of maximum hours. Go for 8 hours or higher!
  • Operating system (OS) (Mac, Windows, Linux, ...) is a personal preference!

Our laptop suggestions:

  1. ASUS Zenbook series
  2. HP 14
  3. Lenovo Yoga series (some have a touchscreen, very useful when using the whiteboard!)
  4. Apple MacBook Air or Apple MacBook Pro series - if your budget allows


  • There are many tablets available that approximate laptop specifications. Tablets with a screen size > 10" are a good start.
  • If you want to use your tablet as your main device for work, do check the available storage. 128GB is a minimum for sufficient flexibility.
  • Battery capacity is even more important than with a laptop. Look for the higher capacities.
  • Android and Windows currently take the crown in the suggested OS for tablets. iOS is a bit more limited in possibilities when using Vectera (eg. you can't share your screen)

Our tablet suggestions:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab series
  2. Microsoft Surface series
  3. iPad (Pro) series, but only if used alongside a laptop


While laptops and tablets have a built-in microphone, using a good headset will drastically increase your meeting comfort.

  • Look for a headset that offers noise cancelling. Even in busier places, this will allow you (and your participants!) to have a quality meeting.
  • Although wireless technology (eg. Bluetooth) has come a long way, audio conversations are not always that reliable. When you have a lot of meetings, we suggest a headset with a USB connector. This also saves you from a drained battery!

Our headset suggestions:

  • Jabra Evolve 40 (wired)
  • Jabra Evolve 80 (wired, active noise cancellation)

We know that's not all - there is a lot of amazing hardware out there that can help you achieve a great meeting experience.

Have any suggestions? Let us know at!

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