Vectera allows you to add team members to your organization. Visit to get started!

Step 1: Name your team

All good teams have a good name. So does yours. By default, this is your first name. You can edit your team's name by clicking on EDIT:

Step 2: Add a logo, favicon and background images

Upload a logo and background images for your whole team. All team members will have this logo and background images. The background image will show on the welcoming page when you try to enter the meeting room.

You can add a link below homepage, if someone clicks on your logo they will be redirected to that page eg. your company website.

For more information on the logo, favicon and backgrounds read this help article.

Step 3: Add a custom domain

If you want to have custom meeting room links and booking pages, you can setup a custom domain. In this help article we guide you through the steps!

Step 4: Invite new members

! Important ! This requires you to have a subscription for a minimum of 2 hosts. Edit your subscription here if you don't have sufficient capacity.

Click on INVITE NEW MEMBER. A pop-up with a pre-written invitation will appear. You can search for existing Vectera users, or invite a new team member by email:

If you want to add multiple team members at the same time, you can invite the team members one by one or you can send one link to all those people. That second option is way faster. Just click on Invite a new team member en click on Create link below Send invite. You can copy this link en send it to all the people that need to join your team.

They can paste the link in the browser to login or create a new account. After this step they can accept the invitation to join the team.

Once your invited team members have accepted their invitation (sent to their email address), they will be automatically added to your team:

You can make other members admin of your team. This allows them to invite new members and make other members admin. And so on ...

Step 5: Edit your team's subscription

All your team members are on the same subscription. This means a single invoice and the same add-ons for each member.

Adding or removing add-ons from your subscription will thus affect your whole team. So be sure to talk it through!

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