Vectera allows you to add team members to your organization. Visit to get started!

Step 1: Name your team

All good teams have a good name. So does yours. By default, this is your first name. You can edit your team's name by clicking on EDIT:

Step 2: Invite new members

! Important ! This requires you to have a subscription for a minimum of 2 hosts. Edit your subscription here if you don't have sufficient capacity.

Click on INVITE NEW MEMBER. A pop-up with a pre-written invitation will appear. You can search for existing Vectera users, or invite a new team member by email:

Once your invited team members have accepted their invitation (sent to their email address), they will be automatically added to your team:

You can make other members admin of your team. This allows them to invite new members and make other members admin. And so on ...

Step 3: Edit your team's subscription

All your team members are on the same subscription. This means a single invoice and the same add-ons for each member.

Adding or removing add-ons from your subscription will thus affect your whole team. So be sure to talk it through!

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