Vectera allows participants to actively interact during the meeting: they can upload documents, share their screen, make annotations.

For certain meetings, it can be important to disable those features for the participant. How do you do that? Using Presenter Mode!

Activate Presenter Mode

  1. Head over to the meeting room where you want to use Presenter Mode
  2. Open Settings
  3. Toggle Presenter mode so the button turns green:

The presenter's view

Nothing changes - you can just continue presenting as you were!

The participant's view

The participant gets a stripped view, seeing only the shared content in the centre of the screen. 

What the participant can't do anymore:

  • use the annotation tools anymore in whiteboards
  • create new whiteboards
  • upload new files
  • download whiteboards/files
  • share their screen
  • open minimised content
  • interact with co browsing

What the participant still can:

  • Listen and follow what you are presenting

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