Nowadays companies have clients all over the world. Therefore it is important to have pages in multiple languages.


We have made the scheduler available in nine languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish and Lithuanian! Clients can choose the language of their preference on your booking page in the right upper corner:

After logging in, you can write the text in the language of your preference on

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms and dashboard are only available in English for the moment. Multiple language support is on our roadmap.

A workaround would be activating Google translate while visiting the Interface and meeting rooms. Although we don't recommend this for meeting rooms as it can interfere with whiteboarding.

The Vectera team is looking forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience in creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!

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