There are three ways for a guest to enter a locked meeting room:

1. The guest knocks

When you're present in the meeting room, the guests can knock and you can let them enter.

Guest view:

Host view:

2. You invite the guest from within the meeting room

When you're not present in the meeting room, you can invite the guests from within the meeting room to enter at any time. They will receive a unique access key which is integrated in the meeting room URL. The guests don't have to enter a password.

You'll see an overview of who you've invited in the past. You can revoke access at any time.

3. Your guest leaves the meeting room and re-enters within 2 minutes

It's possible to accidentally close a tab in your browser, which in the case of Vectera would mean you leave a meeting.

To ensure a guest can easily re-enter the meeting room, they do not have to knock again if they enter the meeting room within 2 minutes after they left.

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