You have 3 ways to share a meeting room with guests:

  • Upload it in the meeting room

  • Generate a link which you can share with others

  • Download the recording and send it manually to others

1. Upload the recording in the meeting room

When you upload a recording, it is automatically made available to all participants in the meeting room where you uploaded the recording.

To share the recording, you will need to grant access to the meeting room. This can be done in a number of ways.

This is how you upload a local recording in the cloud:

This is how the guest will see the recording in the meeting room:

If you want to share the recording outside the meeting room with others you can generate a link and send that link. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Upload the recording in the cloud

  2. Click on the Share icon

  3. Activate the 'Public download link' and click on Copy

  4. Send the link to the appropriate people

If you deactivate the public download link, the recording link won’t be watchable anymore.

Note: If you send the link to someone and that person opens the link in Safari, it will not play the recording but download it. That person will need another browser/app to play the recording.

3. Download the recording and send it manually to others

You can also download the recording to your local computer and send the WebM file to the appropriate person by mail or other communication channels.

You can download a recording that is saved locally in your browser or one that is uploaded in the cloud. Just hit the download button.

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