If your camera or microphone can't be connected in the meeting room, you will have to check what's wrong. First we recommend to check the settings in your meeting room and browser.  Here you can read how to check those!

If you can't solve the issue in your meeting room or browser you might want to check your camera/microphone settings on your pc. How can you do this?

1. Open the windows menu and click on the settings icon (gear). 

2. Click on privacy, now a menu will open on the left side and the specific options per subject on the right side.

3. In the menu choose for camera. Now make sure you 'allow access to the camera on this device' and also 'allow apps to acces your camera'. The first check is visible after clicking on the 'change' button.

4. Now do the same check for microphone. It's in the menu below camera.

5. If you have made changes it's best to restart your pc and check for any improvements. If you still can't connect the camera or microphone in your meeting room, you'll have to check the settings in the meeting room and browser again.

If this didn't solve the issue, you probably will have to look at your hardware devices. Read here where and how to change those settings.

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