There are numerous ad blockers available. And they usually serve a great purpose: making your experience on the web smooth and ad-free.

As advertisers get more creative to pass their message to you, ad blockers become more potent in blocking all kinds of ads and connections.

Some ad blockers therefore also block WebRTC connections. This is the technology that Vectera uses to connect participants in a meeting room.

This means blocking WebRTC can limit your experience with Vectera.

How do you know if your ad blocker blocks WebRTC?

There are two options:

1. Dive into your ad blocker's settings and look for WebRTC (might be located in Advanced Settings). Make sure to disable blocking WebRTC. Example from AdGuard:

2. Disable or delete your ad blocker. Then try to join a Vectera meeting room. If you can connect with other participants and share + receive audio/video streams, your ad blocker blocks WebRTC.

If you can't find to disable this blocking in your ad blocker's settings, we suggest to join a meeting in Vectera in a browser where your ad blocker is not installed.

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