Use the meeting room generator to create collaborative communication environments. We recommend creating a meeting room for a combination of people. Vectera really shines in creating meeting rooms for synchronous collaboration.

Example: Generate a meeting room for each adviser-client and allow both to access the meeting room with a shared link.

Generate meeting room

First, authenticate using the token

Use the meetings endpoint to generate a meeting room using POST.

You can specify parameters using the JSON format. Most important ones:

  • "key" : Set the meeting room name and the associated link
  • "locked" : Set the meeting room locked status to open (anyone with the link can access) or closed (only hosts can allow guests to access). Default is locked.

Create access link to allow anonymous access

After generating a meeting room, you can obtain the meeting room id, which is needed for generating an access key. These access keys are 30-character keys and are far less likely to be "guessed" than regular user passwords. 

Use the permissions endpoint to generate the access link:[id]/permissions/

Notice the "isHost" parameter: Set this to true to enable host privileges for the access key.

In this particular example, the full link with the access key can be given to the organizer of the meeting. The link without access key can be given to people who should not have continuous access to the meeting room and require a host to let them in the meeting room.
In a case where all participants should have equal access (a group of collaborators) you could share the full access link. Be advised that anyone using this access link can enter the meeting room at any time. It is important to set up a workflow to make sure this key is hidden or only shared with the relevant people. 

Generating user accounts through API is possible as well but is available in beta - get in touch for more information.

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