The Vectera API is accessed using a REST (Representational State Transfer) method. It's the industry-standard way to connect with applications.

After authenticating yourself using a token, you can use GET, PATCH, POST and other REST parameters on:


  1. Get a token from Vectera (or get in touch if you need one). You can find the token at the bottom of your profile in the Vectera dashboard.

  2. Set Authentication to "No Authentication"

3. Apply the token in your Header and add the text "Token":

(Optional) For more convenience, set up an environment to limit copy-pasting the token and environment URL.

First connection test

Try the API by sending a "GET" request to the meetings endpoint:

The result should show a list of meeting rooms of the user.

Success! Next, look into the guide of generating meeting rooms for your user or check the API reference.

The Vectera team is looking forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience in creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!

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