A team exists of admin and non-admin users. The team admin can create appointment types for the entire team, while non-admin users can only create personal appointment types. The admin can add multiple team members to an appointment type and set all the default settings.
But what can you change as a non-admin in this appointment type?

What does a team appointment look like?

A team appointment will show the following message on your scheduling page: This appointment type is shared with other team members. Click on Edit to open the appointment type settings.

Which parts are editable for a non-admin team member?

At the top of the page you will see a grey box which shows: 

You will notice that only the team Admin can change the settings in:

  • General settings

  • Custom questions

  • Collect payments

A non-admin team member can change all the settings of the location and availability and the email template. Because those settings are more on a personal base. In this help article you can read more about those settings.

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