Automate your workflow and let customers schedule meetings directly into your calendar. No more back-and-forth emailing to set appointments.

Explore the possibilities in this help article or in the video below:

Visit the scheduling page to get started.

1.  Connect your calendar

Start with connecting your calendar in Vectera:

Make sure to select the 'Calendar to check for availability' to avoid double bookings.

2. Create appointment types

After connecting your calendar you will have to create one or multiple appointment types for your personal and/or team booking page. This is different depending on your team role:

Only 1 team member

Team with multiple team members

Team admin: 


3. Customize your booking pages

Now that you've connected your calendar and created appointment types, it's time to brand your booking pages:

For more information about customization, visit the branding section of the Help Center.

4. Integrate with other platforms

Integrate with Stripe to require payments when customers book a meeting with you and send that information automatically to your CRM by integrating with one of the CRM platforms.

5. Visit the FAQ for more tips and tricks

Visit the FAQ section of scheduling at this page.

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