When integrating the booking pages in your app, platform or website, you can add data in the URL to improve the customer experience.

Example: Someone is logged in on your platform and you know the First Name, Last Name, email and phone number. Or someone entered this information in a form on your website and is transferred to the booking page.

When that person needs to re-enter the information in the booking fields, it might feel cumbersome for the user.

You can add all standard fields as parameters in the url:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Custom questions (more info below the image)



This results in:

Pre-fill custom questions on your booking page

If you add custom questions other than company name and telephone number to your booking page, you can also pre-fill them in the parameters of the URL. You can do this by adding ?cq1=answer.


  • The order of the custom questions is defined in the appointment type in scheduling
  • Add the number of the question: cq1 will answer the first custom question, cq2 the second, ...
  • cq should be in lower case letters
  • For spaces in the answer you can use '+'. (eg. cq1=online+meetings+in+vectera)

If you have multiple custom questions you can create the link as following

It's also possible to combine 'other' custom questions with 'phone' and 'company'

Example: You have an appointment type with the following custom questions

You can pre-fill the answers as following:


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