You can upload a profile picture in your account which will show in several locations in the dashboard, meeting rooms and booking pages.

How to upload a profile picture?

  1. Go to Settings => Edit profile or click on this link

  2. Below Username, you will see Profile image. Click on the button 'Upload image' and select a picture from your device.

  3. Hit save!

What's the required size for the profile picture?

Preferably a 1:1 Ratio. At least 200px wide and high.

Can I create a profile picture after clicking on 'Upload image'?

Yes, this is possible on mobile or tablet. On a desktop, you can only select an image from your library.

Where do you see the profile picture?

1. Meeting room

  • At the top right side of your meeting room, next to the connection indicator, you will see the profile picture.

  • In the chat box after sending a message.

  • On other participants screen if they are on mobile and if your camera is deactivated.

  • When you knock to enter a meeting room and your camera is deactivated.

2. Booking page

  • On an appointment type of the team booking page where your host is a possible option with one or more other hosts.

3. Dashboard

  • At the left bottom of the screen next to your name, edit profile and log out

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