In the team settings tab, you can customize your meeting rooms and booking pages for your brand. The settings from this tab count for all the team members.

The page exists of 6 parts:

  1. Brand

  2. Advanced branding

  3. Team

  4. Waiting room

  5. Custom text strings

  6. Legal

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1. Brand

The Brand settings allow you to customize your meetings rooms with your own logo, background images, etc. The Vectera Pro plan is required!

Company logo and favicon

The company logo can be added and shown instead of the Vectera logo. This gives the first customization to your meeting rooms, scheduler and communication.

The optimal size is a width that is 3 to 8 times larger than the height.

The Favicon is a small icon which will show in your browser tab next to team name.
The optimal size for the favicon has a 1:1 ratio

You can add your logo in the left top corner of new whiteboards. Select the checkbox 'auto-add your logo to the whiteboard pages' to activate this.


Homepage is linked to the company logo. If someone clicks on your logo they can be redirected to the homepage. So if you upload your company logo and add your website (eg. in homepage, people will be redirected to your website after clicking on the logo.

Welcome screen background vs meeting room background

The welcome screen background and meeting room background can be different and show in different locations. The welcome screen background shows on the welcome screen. If a client opens the meeting room in the browser they will have to fill in a name and select one of the audio/video options. The background on this page is the welcome screen background.

The meeting room background is the background in the meeting room, where you actually have the meeting. Both images need to be at least 1000px wide and high.

Camera background image

You can set up a camera background image for all your team members. The camera background image will show you but will hide the rest of your location. This can also be a branded image. Check out this help article for more information!

2. Advanced branding

The advanced branding settings allow you to fully customize your meeting rooms and booking pages. You can set up a custom domain, forward guests when the meeting ends en use custom css to style your meeting rooms and booking pages. The Business plan is required!

Cname custom domain

You can set up a custom domain for your meeting rooms and booking page. This means that the link will not be or /book but a subdomain of your own domain. This help article guides you on how to set up a custom domain.

For example, if your domain is and you create a cname record, then your meeting rooms will be

Custom HTML head block

The custom HTML head block can be used to add information in the Head section of your meeting rooms and booking pages. This information will not be visible on the page but will be added in the code. (Eg. Google analytics tracking code or custom css)

More information can be found in this help article.

3. Team

The team options are more based on back-end settings which have a smaller visual impact.

Restrict user-based invite search to team members only: When the checkbox is active you will only see the names of team members while inviting email addresses to your team members or meeting rooms. If inactive, you will be able to see other Vectera users as well.

Show the team members page to non-admins: When the checkbox is unchecked the non-admin team members will only see their own profile on

Default team access for meetings: choose the default access that team members have for meeting each other's meeting rooms. You can choose between:

  • Should knock: Team members should knock before they can enter the meeting room of another team member.

  • Can always join: Team members can always enter the meeting room of another team member without having to knock. The meeting room owner doesn't have to be in the meeting room.

  • Is host: Team members will have the same rights as the meeting room owner.

4 Waiting room

Here you can enable the team waiting room and the setting that allows guests to book a meeting when they're denied from the waiting room. Read more about these settings in this help article. The business plan is required!

5. Custom text strings

In this part, you can change the text which shows on the waiting screen when a guest tries to enter the meeting room. You can do this for the message when the host is not in the meeting room yet and when the host is in the meeting room.

If you're not satisfied with the changes, you can reset the text to default by clicking on the button 'Reset to default'. The Business plan is required!

6. Legal

In the final part of the team settings you can set up legal messages and redirects for your clients and guests.

Scheduling terms and conditions

When clients book an online meeting, they often want to be informed about the privacy of their data. Therefore you can add terms and conditions that your clients need to accept before booking an appointment. Read more about it in this help article. This can be set up in all the plans!

Cookie policy

When you've set up a custom domain for your meeting rooms, you can add a custom cookie policy. Read more about it in this help article. The business plan is required!

The Vectera team is looking forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience in creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!

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