Via the API it is possible to generate meeting rooms and manage and authenticate users. You can also create templates and apply them to specific meeting rooms. You can either create them from your profile or via the API. Read this help article to find out the possibilities with templates in your profile or stay here to find all the information on templates via API.

Request meeting room templates

Once you are connected and authenticated with the Vectera Rest API you will be able to request meeting room templates.

Send a GET request to to see the template details.

Note: Images are taken from a test profile in Vectera. This data can't be used and will not be available anymore.

Create a meeting room template

To create a meeting room template you can send a POST request to This POST request requires the parameter "name" in the body.

Other than the "name" parameter, it's not possible to change parameters for the template via API.

Create a meeting room based on a template

If you want to create a new meeting room based on an existing template you will have to send a POST request to, containing the required parameter "templateId".

You can copy the template ID in

You can add other parameters to add information on the meeting room, You can send an OPTIONS request to the desired endpoint to get the list of accepted fields.

For example: "key": "meeting-room-1"

Create a meeting room template based on a meeting room

If you have a meeting room with some documents, private notes and settings that you would like to use for other sessions as well, you can save it as a template from within the meeting room. This is also possible via API.

To do this, you need to send a POST request to with the parameters "sourceMeetingId": <meetingRoomId> and "name"

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