When you end a meeting with a lead or client, it is a good idea to forward them to a specific thank you page on your website. If you have created such a thank you page, it's very easy to implement it in your online meeting workflow in Vectera.
Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your team settings or click on this link https://www.vectera.com/team/settings/.
  2. Below custom domain options, you will see 'Forward guests when the meeting ends.' Add the link of the thank you page there.
  3. Hit save.

In the example above, when a meeting ends, the guests will be forwarded to https://go.vectera.com/.

Additionally, some parameters will be added in the url that you can use for the next steps:


These parameters can be used in another form for eg feedback purposes or as a custom thank you screen.

Will everybody be forwarded?

Will be forwarded:

  • Guests with the basic meeting room URL
  • Guests with a special access link - can always join
  • Team members: if the team access is one of the following: 'Should knock' or 'Can always join'.

Won't be forwarded:

  • You (as host)
  • Guests or team members with host access

Which plan do I need?

For this option, the Vectera pro plan and the white label add-on are required!

Change your subscription at this page if you want to make any changes.

Can I add a forward link with the API?

Yes, it's possible to add a forward link to meeting rooms with the API.

You can find all the relevant information in this help article.

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