Vectera offers a lot of customizing options for meeting rooms and scheduling. Next to advanced styling options, you can also customize the text in several places. But how do you style that text?

Easy, by using Markdown. This help article will guide you on where and how to use Markdown to customize texts in Vectera.

Where can you customize text with Markdown in Vectera?

You can customize the text for appointment templates, for the custom text strings in the waiting room and for legal messages.


  • Scheduling configuration: customize your default confirmation, reminder and cancellation emails when guests book an appointment.

  • Appointment type: customize the confirmation, reminder and cancellation emails of a specific appointment type (personal appointment type = email templates tab; team appointment type = hosts tab).

Custom text strings

Edit the custom text strings in the Team settings. You can customize the message that a knocking guest will see when the host is present in the meeting room and when the host is not present in the meeting room.

Legal messages

Customize the legal messages in the Team settings.

  • Scheduling terms and conditions: this message will show when a guest has to confirm the booking of an appointment. Read more.

  • Cookie policy: this message will show when a guest arrives at the waiting room of your meeting rooms if you have set up a custom domain. Read more.

How to style text with Markdown?

Below we will explain the basics of the Markdown language which you can use in Vectera. You can find a more extended guide at this link. Please note that not all the options in that guide will work in Vectera (eg. images)!

  1. Headings

    You can use headings by adding one or more hashtags (#) and a space before the text:

2. Bold and Italic text

  • Use 1 asterisk or 1 underscore to use italic text.

  • Use 2 asterisks or 2 underscores to use bold text.

  • Use 3 asterisks or 3 underscores to use bold and italic text.

3. Ordered and unordered lists

To add an ordered list, you add 1. item 2. item 3. item ... below each other with a dot and space after the numbers.

To add an unordered list you have multiple options. You can use - item, + item or * item below each other. Add a space after the symbol.

Add 3 spaces before the item to make an item indented:

4. Links

In order to add a link, enclose the link text in brackets [text] immediately followed by the URL in parentheses (URL). You can make the link bold or italic by adding the asterisks/underscores before the brackets and behind the parentheses.

5. A horizontal line

You can add a horizontal line by adding three asterisks, hyphens or underscores:

Note: If you add three hyphens below the text, all the text will be displayed in bold. You must enter to prevent this or choose one of the other options to create a horizontal line.

Use markdown in email templates - example

Below you can find an example of how Markdown can be used for email templates.

This will result in the following email:

Interested in changing the layout of your emails? Check out this help article!

The Vectera team is looking forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience in creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!

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