Vectera scheduling offers multiple ways to show booking pages to guests. You can send the link of a personal appointment type, the personal booking page or the team booking page.

If one of those links has only one appointment type, selecting the appointment type might seem unnecessary.

Here's how to skip this step!

Add a parameter to your link

In order to bypass the appointment type selection process, you can add the parameter ?skipSingleAppointmentType to your link.

Example: will become

Depending on the appointment type settings, the guest will immediately see:

  • the host picker,

  • the date and time picker,

  • or the location picker.

Use of the parameter

The parameter can be used for the following booking pages:

  • Personal appointment type

  • Personal booking page with 1 appointment type

  • Team booking page with 1 appointment type

  • One of the above options with or without required payment

The parameter can't be used for:

  • Personal booking pages with multiple appointment types

  • Team booking pages with multiple appointment types

Booking not available

If the appointment type can't be booked and the parameter has been added to the booking page URL, guests won't skip the first step but they will see a message that the appointment can't be booked.

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