If you have multiple offline stores or facilities and you want to guide your customers to the closest one, the geo-picker is what you need!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Set up the Geo-picker

    1. Connect your team's calendars

    2. Create appointment types with offline locations

    3. Request access to the geo-picker

  2. Book appointments for customers with the Geo-picker

    1. Visit the geo-picker

    2. Results

    3. Automation

1. Set up the Geo-picker

1.a. Connect your team's calendars

Go to the scheduling page in your dashboard. Make sure that the calendars of you and your team members are connected before using the Geo-picker.

1.b. Create appointment types with offline locations

Create some team appointment types. Make sure to activate all the relevant team members, and add their location. You can also copy the settings from another team member to avoid typing the same address multiple times:

1.c. Request access to the geo-picker

Contact support@vectera.com to get access to the geo-picker for your team.

2. Book appointments for customers with the Geo-picker

The geo-picker is a great tool to guide customers to the nearest store or facility of your company. It gives the possibility to enter an address and see appointment types (based on address) in the near vicinity.

2.a. Visit the geo-picker

To visit your team's geo-picker*, copy your team booking link and add "/geo-picker" to it. For example: https://vectera.com/book/my-team/geo-picker/

*Note: Only team members can visit the geo-picker, it is not directly accessible for customers!

2.b. Results

Once you've typed in the address of the customer, you'll see several new things on the geo-picker page:

  1. The address which is based on the filled-in location. This will also show the address if you type the name of a building, company, ...

  2. All the appointment types, ordered by distance from the entered address.

  3. The distance from the given location to the location of the appointment type. This is the distance as the crow flies.

  4. The appointment type information and location. This is the information you give to an appointment type on your scheduling page.

  5. To select a location and book a meeting, click on the blue button 'Show available timeslots'. You will be forwarded to the specific booking page.

2.c. Automation

Pre-fill the address query

You can add the location as a parameter in the link so you don't have to type it. Add ?q=<location> to the link.

Example: https://vectera.com/book/my-team/geo-picker/?q=Korenmarkt 1, 9000 Gent/

Pre-fill the client's data

You can add the personal details of your customer using query parameters, so you don't have to fill in that data manually when booking the appointment.

The following parameters are supported (query parameter name between parentheses):

  • First Name (firstName)

  • Last Name (lastName)

  • Email address (email)

  • Company (company)

  • Phone number (phone)

  • Custom questions (cq<i> where <i> is the rank of the custom question, e.g. cq1 for the first custom question).

Example: https://meet.vectera.com/book/team-name/geo-picker?firstName=john&lastName=Doe&email=john@vectera.com&company=company+123&phone=1234456789&cq3=yes&cq4=Belgium

This link will automatically fill in the personal details when going to the final step in the booking process:

You can also combine the location parameter and the customer data parameters by adding &q=location behind the data parameter.

Example: https://meet.vectera.com/book/team-name/geo-picker?firstName=john&lastName=Doe&email=john@vectera.com&company=company+123&phone=1234456789&cq3=yes&cq4=Belgium&q=Paris

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