In order to create a meeting room, it's important to understand how the naming works. Below you can read about what parts the meeting room URL consists and how to easily create a meeting room.

Meeting room naming

Meeting room URL

In general, meeting rooms will be're able to change the team name in the branding & team settings and can choose a different meeting room name for each meeting.

If you have set up a custom domain, your meeting rooms will be ''


The name of the meeting room can consist of letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens. A space will change into a hyphen and special characters (eg. &, §, ..) will be removed.

For example, oliver&andreas 
will become

Create a meeting room

In Vectera there are several ways to create a meeting room:

  1. From the dashboard

  2. On the meeting rooms page

  3. Let customers book a meeting

  4. Via API

Once you're in the room, you can invite your customers by sending them the URL to this room or give them a special access key.

1 & 2 From the dashboard and on the meeting rooms page

Create a Vectera meeting room

The easiest way is to create a meeting room from the dashboard or the meeting rooms page.

  • Click on the blue button 'Create or join meeting room', a pop-up will open.

  • Typ the name of the meeting room that you would like to create, eg. John-Doe.

  • Click on 'Create <name>' and you'll be forwarded to the room or 'Create <name> from template..' and select a template, now you'll be forwarded to the room.

3. Let customers book a meeting

The scheduling feature allows you to let customers book a meeting with you. When a new customer books a meeting, a new meeting room will automatically be created based on the first and last name of the customer. You can find more info in our scheduling help center!

4. Via API

Users who integrate Vectera into their platform using the API can also generate meeting rooms. You can find more info in our API help center!

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