As a team admin you can create team appointment types and select which team members should be available for scheduling that specific appointment type with.

For each appointment type you can also add a payment option by connecting your Stripe account to Vectera. In that way clients will have to pay a certain amount before they can confirm the appointment. If you want to collect all these payments on the same Stripe account, then this set up is exactly what you're looking for:

1. Connect Stripe for your team with the team admin account

Go to the Integrations page as a team admin and connect your Stripe account in Vectera. By doing so you will make the connection for all the team members, easy right?

2. Create a team appointment type and select which team members should be available for this appointment type.

Now that your team is connected to your Stripe account, you can create a new team appointment type. You can select which team members should show for this appointment in the host tab of the appointment type. Just (un)check the box 'share this appointment type with this user'.

3. Add a payment option to the appointment type

Go to the 'Collect payments'-tab and add a payment option by selecting 'payment necessary before booking'. Fill in the right amount and hit 'save'.

This payment option will now be active for every team member who is available for this appointment type. Since all team members are connected to the same Stripe account, all payments will end up in that one Stripe account.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of team integrations, you can read this help article.

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