If you create an appointment type for your booking page, you can make it possible to redirect the client to a specific page after they book a meeting. You can do this with the Redirect URL.

Once the client is forwarded to the redirect URL, the information that they filled in (eg. First name, Last name, and email) will be added as parameters in the link. This can be useful information to fill in certain fields on your website automatically or to keep track of the data in your statistics.

Parameters that are added to the URL:

  • Name of the appointment type

  • Start & End date of appointment

  • Location (Online, offline, or phone call)

  • First name, Last name & Email address

  • Custom questions

Unfortunately, not all website creator platforms are able to understand these parameters (eg. Joomla), that's why you can disable this.

How to disable the redirect URL parameters ?

  1. Go to Scheduling

  2. Edit an existing appointment type or create a new one

  3. In General settings scroll down until you see Redirect URL

  4. Uncheck 'Enable redirect parameters'

  5. Hit save

When the client gets redirect after booking the appointment, the parameters will not be added to the link anymore.

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