Every now and then it's important to start off with a clean slate. So we made it easy to completely reset your meeting room or manually clear all recordings, content, chat history and invited people.

Reset a meeting room from within the meeting room

In the meeting room, you will have the possibility to reset everything separately or from one location.

Reset the meeting room

To reset the room completely follow these steps:

  1. Open the meeting room settings

  2. Click on 'Reset meeting room'

  3. Make sure that the checkbox 'Meeting activity' is checked and click on reset

  4. The room will reset and you will leave the room automatically

Reset parts of the meeting room

It's also possible to reset certain parts of the meeting room. You can follow the steps of the above image and select the applicable checkboxes to reset those. You can reset the following parts:

  • Participant activity: this deletes all the history and data of the meeting room. This can only be deleted in a full reset of the meeting room.

  • Chatbox: delete the chat history of the meeting room.

  • Whiteboards and files: delete all the whiteboards and uploaded files in the room.

  • Cloud recordings: delete all the recordings that are uploaded in the cloud of this meeting room. Temporary local recordings will not be removed.

  • Specific user access: delete all the email addresses that are invited in the sharing settings.

In this example, you would only delete the chat history and the whiteboards/uploaded files.

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