In Vectera it's possible to create a team booking page with appointment types that can be shared with other team members. Only an admin of a team can do this!

Watch the complete video tutorial or read this guide to set up your team booking page step by step!
(note: some parts of the video might be created in an older version of Vectera)

Once you've created an appointment type you will see which hosts are bookable for that appointment type. If more than 3 team members are added, you can hover over the '+..' to see which other members have been added.

1. Create a new appointment type

Go to Scheduling settings and connect your calendar to go to the next step. Now click on 'Create new' and 'Team appointment type in the dropdown. 
There you will see five options in the menu:

2. General settings

2.1 Give your appointment type a name and description

Give your appointment type a name and description that would fit well for all the team members (eg. 30 minute discussion).

Check 'Show on public team booking page' to show it on the public booking page. If this is not checked, it will only show on the personal booking pages of the selected team members.

2.2 Location of the meeting

If you check offline as a possible option, you will be able to add a location to meet in person.

For online meetings, a meeting room will be automatically generated for your client after an appointment has been planned. Returning clients will be directed to the same meeting room. The meeting room will be added to your dashboard.

Both you and your client will receive a confirmation email after an appointment has been booked with all the booking information.

2.3 Select the duration 

Below the meeting location you can set the duration of your meetings. A meeting should at least be 10 minutes but has no maximum. If you set a duration of 60 minutes, the meeting room will not close after 60 minutes. The duration is to give an idea on how long the meeting will be.

2.4 Show advanced settings

Below the duration you can enable the advanced settings. This includes the redirect after booking, meeting template and buffer options.

2.4.1 Redirect url

 If you want to redirect the client after they made a booking enter a redirect url. Leave empty if you don't want to redirect the client.

Enter the URL to which you want your clients to be redirected.

Toggle off 'Show Vectera confirmation screen before redirecting' if you want the redirect to be immediate. If toggled on, the redirect will occur after 5 seconds.

In the redirect URL, the booking parameters will be added if enabled. These include:

  • Appointment type

  • Date & time of selected time slot

  • Location (online or offline)

  • First name, last name

  • Custom questions + their answers (if available)

You can use these parameters to build custom content on your website (eg. auto fill in a form). Ask your website developer for help!

2.4.2 Meeting room template

If you have created meeting room templates to have meeting rooms prepared in advance, you can also use them for booked appointments. Select the preferred template for this appointment type.

2.4.3 Show availability in increments of x minutes

Show availability in increments of 'x minutes' gives the possibility for your clients to book every 'x minutes'. If you pick 30 minutes and your day starts at 9AM, your clients will be able to book a meeting at 9AM, 9.30AM, 10AM, ...

2.4.4 Set up the buffer period when events can be booked.

Set up several buffers for your appointment type to perfectly optimize your availability for meetings.

Need more information on the buffers? Read this advanced article on availability and buffers.

3. Hosts

3.1 Pick host method

Select how customers/guests can book a meeting with you and your team members. 

  • Your customers choose a host : the customer/guest can select manually in which team member's calendar the appointment should be booked.

  • Vectera chooses an available host randomly: The customer will select the location (online, in person or phone call), based on that choice Vectera will select a random team member which is available for this option.

  •  Your customers have the option the choose a host themselves or to let Vectera choose

3.2 Select which hosts should show for this appointment type

The team members that are checked and show blue are selected for this appointment type. If you notice an alert triangle before a team members name it means that something is wrong.  Hover over the triangle to know what's wrong. Mostly this happens if a calendar is not connected!

Click on the team members name and (un)check the box 'Share this appointment type with this user' to add/delete the team member for this appointment type.

4. Change the email template of this appointment type

If you would like to have a reminder for you and your client before the meeting starts, you can set it up here. A calendar reminder will be a notification from your calendar program. An email reminder is a reminder through email.

The reminders should be shown in minutes before the appointment starts, eg. 60 minutes.

It's possible to change the email template of the confirmation mail that your clients receive after booking a meeting with you. Change it manually or copy the templates of another appointment. Read here how to do this!

5. Custom questions

On this page you can add custom questions that provide you more information of your customer. You can ask for the company name, telephone number, a subject to discuss, ... You can make them required if you think it's useful!

Non-admin team members will not be able to add or edit custom questions!

6. Collect payments (optional)

You can add a required payment to your appointment type to collect payments using Stripe. This will require all the team members that you add to the appointment type to integrate their Vectera account with Stripe on the integrations page. If a team member hasn't connected to Stripe an alert will show in the scheduling page and the team member will not be bookable on the booking page (for this appointment type).

Make sure to save your appointment type before going to the integrations page. This help article shows how to make the integration.

7. Save your appointment type!

8. Check if your team booking page looks the way you want

Visit your team booking url to see how it looks! Just go to your scheduling page, click on 'Booking links', click on 'Copy team booking link' and paste it in a (new) tab.

Vectera is looking forward to your feedback so we can offer you the best scheduling and customer meeting experience. Set up your next customer meeting right away by logging into your account or sign-up for a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!