It's possible to add payment options to your appointment types in Vectera. This means that customers will have to pay for the meeting before the meeting is booked.

Follow these steps to collect payments per appointment type.

Before you start integrating, note that you need the "PRO plan" in order to benefit from this feature. Integrations are on the organization level, meaning that every team member will be connected to the connected integration.

1. Integrate Stripe in your Vectera account

Go to Integrations in the Vectera menu under settings and click on Stripe.

Click on connect. Now a pop-up will open and you will have to log in to your Stripe account or create a new one.

Once you're connected you will see a green box that shows that you're successfully connected.

2. Add payment options to appointment types

Head to your scheduling page to add payment options to appointment types.

Create a new appointment type or edit an existing one. You will see that a fourth option became available at the top of the page: Collect payments. Click here to open the payment options. By default 'No payment necessary' will be selected. Click on the box next to 'Payment necessary before booking' to add a payment option.

Now you can:

  • Add the amount

  • Select the right currency

  • Add payment terms or a link to your own payment terms page

Click on save.

3. Visit your booking page to see the result

Visit your booking page to see how it shows in your appointment types. If you visit the booking page in the same browser where you're also logged in, you will not be able to go to the checkout page.

tip: Visit your booking page in another browser or an incognito window so you can follow all the steps.

If someone tries to book an appointment but doesn't pay immediately (or closes the Stripe checkout page), the time slot will be blocked for 24 hours but the appointment will not show in your calendar.

After 24 hours the appointment will be removed and the time slot will be available again if the customer didn't pay.

Check out which payment methods are supported for your customers in this help article!

Happy selling!

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