With the release of CNAME custom domain, you can start setting up eg meet.yourdomain.com/meetingroom. 

Previously, all Vectera urls were in the form of vectera.com/meet/meetingroom

This led to some cases where people could not use their name or brand name anymore because the URL was already taken. 

This implied that the following was not possible when releasing CNAME:


That's a problem! We solved it by creating a "namespace" where everyone can choose their meeting key. 

That is why we introduced the URL structure meet.yourdomain.com/teamname/meetingkey 

This is automatically applied for all existing users and new users. 

! If you did not set up your team name yet, it's best to set it up as fast as possible to prevent invalid URL's. 

You can set this up in "Branding & Team":

When you change your team name, you will see the following warning about the implications for the url:

What does this mean for people registered before 23rd of October 2019: All URL's you currently have in the shape of vectera.com/meet/meetingkey will redirect to vectera.com/meet/teamname/meetingkey.
If you leave it like that, and you change your team name 1 week later, the urls created with your previous team name during the last will not work anymore. This is common behavior and most applications do not allow this to be changed after the initial setup.
Therefore, it's best to setup/change your team name immediately to prevent broken urls. 

If you have the whitelabel solution with custom domain, things are more easy: whatever your team name, all meeting urls will point to meet.yourdomain.com/meetingkey.

Read more about setting up a custom domain for your meetings.