How can I delete a meeting room that I won't need anymore? Well that's pretty easy.
First of all go to your meeting rooms page.

Here you get an overview of all the meeting rooms you have created.

  1. Search for the meeting room that you want to delete.

  2. Card view or list view

    1. Card view: Hover over the card and click on the bin icon, click on delete.

    2. List view: Hover over the row and click on the bin icon, click on delete.

  3. After a few seconds the meeting room will be deleted.

Delete the content of a room but not the room

If you want to delete all the content of the meeting room (whiteboards, shared screens, chat history) but want to keep the room for a later meeting, then you can choose to reset the meeting room.

You can reset the meeting room from within the meeting room in the meeting room settings.

Rename a meeting room

It is not possible to rename a meeting room. You can delete the meeting room and create a new one with the correct name.

The name of the meeting room can consist of letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens. A space will change into a hyphen and special characters (eg. &, §, ..) will be removed.

For example, oliver&andreas 
will become

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