How to bulk update meeting type settings for your team?

If you want to update a setting for multiple meeting types at the same time, you can choose to bulk update settings. Here's how you can do this.

  1. Where to find the bulk update settings?

  2. How does it work?

  3. Team admins vs non-admins

Where to find the bulk update settings?

  1. Log in to your Vectera account and go to Scheduling

  2. Go to the Meeting types section and click on Bulk update settings

  3. Now you can toggle and edit the settings and select the meeting types where the changes should be made

How does it work?

When you've opened the bulk update page, you will have to perform three steps in order to successfully change the settings in one or more meeting types.

Activate and edit settings

In the first step you will have to update one or more settings.

  1. Toggle the button next to the setting you want to edit. If it shows green it will be activated when confirming the bulk updates eg. Duration

  2. Fill in or select the correct data for the settings. Eg. Duration = 30 minutes

  3. Perform the above steps for all the relevant settings. You can do this for:

    1. An active or inactive meeting type

    2. Duration

    3. Show availability in increments of x minutes

    4. Allow bookings up to x days in the future

    5. Minimum buffer before booking

    6. Booking start & end date

    7. Unavailabilities

    8. Buffer before and after meeting

    9. Availability

Choose meeting types to which the settings should apply

In this step you will need to select all the meeting types to which the changes in step 1 should be applied.

If you and your team have created a lot of meeting types, you can use the filter to search for very specific meeting types.

If you select a team meeting type, this will be edited for all the hosts!

Save the page

Team admins vs non-admins

Both admins and non-admins of a team can bulk update meeting types, but there is a difference between which meeting types they can update.

Team admins

Team admins can bulk update all the meeting types in the team. This includes:

  1. their own personal meeting types

  2. personal meeting types of other team members

  3. team meeting types

Note: in the above image 'My name' is a team admin and 'Chris' is a non-admin. 


Non-admins are able to bulk update their own personal meeting types.

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