The raise hand feature, how does it work?

During online meetings, participants might have questions but don't dare to interrupt the person who's talking. In that case, raising your hand virtually is a great and polite way to get attention without interrupting.

Raise your hand

At the bottom of the meeting room, next to the chat feature, you will see the Raise hand feature.

Click on the button to raise your hand. The button will become blue* and remains blue until you manually lower your hand.

Other participants view

When you raise your hand other guests will be notified that you would like to say something.

Camera active

If your camera is active your guests will be notified with a raised hand in the top right corner of your video tile.

Camera inactive

If your camera is inactive your guests will be notified with a raised hand in your name tile.

Lower a participant's raised hand

There are 2 ways to lower a raised hand:

  • The participant who raises his hand deactivates it by clicking on the 'Raise hand' button

  • The meeting host clicks on the raise hand icon in the video or name tile

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