How to change the video stream quality?

The audio and video stream quality is very important to decide whether a meeting goes well or bad. In both cases, Vectera offers settings that can impact your meeting well.

Meeting room settings

In the meeting room settings, you can improve or reduce the video stream quality depending on how it goes.

Disable incoming video

If you or the customer notices a very bad connection it's a good idea to block the video streams. Therefore you can now disable incoming video streams in the meeting rooms settings. This setting is available for all meeting participants and will only apply to whom has activated it.

  1. Open the meeting room settings

  2. Activate the slider Disable incoming video.

  3. The video streams of other participants get blocked on your end

To deactivate the disabling of incoming video, you can either deactivate the slider in the meeting room settings or click on the blue Re-enable button on the blocked video stream.

HD Video Quality

If you notice that there's a good connection between you and the customers, you can change the video quality in the meeting room settings from standard to HD. This setting is only available for the meeting host and will apply to all participants.

  1. Open the meeting room settings

  2. Activate the slider HD Video Quality

  3. The video and audio quality of streams will improve to HD

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