Integrate Salesforce with Vectera

What the integration does for you: all new customers that schedule a meeting on your (team) booking page in Vectera will automatically result in new leads on your Salesforce account.


Before you start integrating, note that you need the "Business plan" in order to use this feature. Integrations are on the organization level, meaning that every team member will be connected to the active integration.


Connect Salesforce in Vectera

1. Go to the "Integrations" tab. You can find it on your Vectera account below settings, or just click this link:


2. Now you can see the available integrations, click "Salesforce"



3. You will be redirected to a page where you can authorize the Salesforce integration. Click "Authorize".


4. Log in to Salesforce


5. You will automatically connect to Salesforce and will be redirected to the Integrations page on Vectera after a few seconds.


You will notice that Salesforce is now an active integration



Booked in Vectera, lead added in Salesforce

When customers book a meeting with you or one of your team members, they will automatically be added to your leads in Salesforce.



  1. John Doe books a meeting with me:

2. If I go to Salesforce - Marketing - Leads, I will see John Doe in my Leads list



First name, Last name, Email and phone number will be filled out in the corresponding fields.


Note: due to technical reasons the company name will consist of the first and last name of the lead instead of the answer of the company question.


3. If I click his name, I will find John's information and I'm able to add tasks, events, ...


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