Integrations on Team level: how does it work and what are the advantages?

Connecting the Vectera scheduler with a CRM, rating or payment platform is a great way to save you and your team a lot of time. Connecting a provider used to happen on user level but has been moved to team level to make it even easier.



How does it work?

On the integrations page in your dashboard, a team admin can connect all the team members' schedulers with several CRM platforms and Stripe. If a team admin connects one of the available integrations, the entire team will be connected to that platform immediately.


Example: Team X exists of 3 team members: person A, B & C. Person A is the only team admin, so only person A will be able to connect Vectera to one of the available platforms, eg. Teamleader. If person A connects with Teamleader:

  • person A, B & C will be connected to Teamleader,

  • booked meetings of all the team members will be added to Teamleader,

  • and the correct deal owner will be allocated (depending on the settings).


What are the advantages of team integrations?


1. Connect and manage the entire team from one account

The main advantage is connecting your CRM/Stripe account to Vectera for your entire team in one go. This will save your team a lot of time compared to integrations on user level.


Changes in the integration settings will apply for every team member, so you don't have to communicate, separately edit, and check with every team member.


2. Full team synchronization

All team members will have the same advantages of every connected integration.

  • Stripe: All team members will be able to require payments for meeting types

  • CRM platforms: All meetings booked with your team members will now automatically be pushed to CRM entries according to your team preferences. You can change these preferences in the integrations tab.


3. Automated deal owners in the CRM platform

If team members are connected to Vectera with the same email address as the CRM platform and a meeting has been booked at their booking page, the deal will automatically be allocated to them.


If there's no similar email address in the CRM platform, the admin who connected the integration will become the deal owner.


4. Future integrations and updates

Another advantage is that team integrations allow Vectera to easily add new integrations to our platform and update more fields of the existing ones.


Any suggestions? Just let us know and we'll look into it!


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