How can I give permission to share my screen?

Before sharing your screen in Vectera, you'll need to give permission. This is different per browser. Read this article to learn how to give permission to share your screen in Safari or Firefox.



Using a Mac? Make sure to allow your browser to share your screen first.


Google Chrome

Are you using Google Chrome? Then there are no specific permissions to share your screen. If you're using Mac however, make sure to allow your Chrome to use screen recording. Read more here.



In Safari you can click on the cog wheel next to your URL to access your screen sharing settings. Here, the setting is on 'Screen sharing: Ask':


  1. In the meeting room, click on Share screen and a pop-up will open asking you what to do:
  2. Click on one of the options. If you've clicked on 'Allow', your screen will be shared.
  3. Click on Share this screen or on Share this Window:


Whenever you click on ‘Share your screen’, a notification appears in the top left corner of the browser. If you have clicked on ‘Don’t allow’, you can follow these steps to start sharing your screen again:

  1. Click on the information/screen icon in the left corner of the address bar
  2. Click on the X next to ‘Share the Screen: Blocked Temporarily’
  3. If you click on the button ‘Share Screen’, a screen pops up in the top left corner inviting you to choose what to share.
  4. Select the screen you want to share and click on Allow.

  5. Start sharing!

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