Connect your Google calendar

Planning meetings can sometimes take more time than the meeting itself. Use the Vectera Scheduler to have your customers easily plan meetings with you!


There are 2 ways to connect your Google calendar:

1. The onboarding flow

2. Scheduling settings


1. The onboarding flow

To set up your booking pages you will have to follow a few steps, which can easily be done in our scheduling flow.

Go to Scheduling to get started and click on Connect your calendar.



If it's the first time that you will connect your calendar you will get an onboarding flow to go through all the steps at once.


1.1  Connect your Google calendar


After clicking on connect the onboarding flow will open. In the first step select Google to log in with your Google calendar account.



Now Select the account you want to connect with and log in.



Click on Continue



1.2 Set up the calendar settings


  • Select the 'Calendars to check for availability' to avoid double bookings. You can check multiple calendars if necessary.
  • Select the 'Calendar to write events in' to show in which calendar new meetings should be booked in.


1.3 Add meeting types


To have an easy start with creating meeting types, you can select 1 to 3 meeting types in this step which will be created automatically for you. You can edit or delete these meeting types at any point or create new ones.



1.4 Check your booking page or finish the setup


Click on Check your booking page to see what the meeting type(s) look like or click on Finish to finish the setup and edit/add meeting types.



2. Scheduling settings


2.1 Get started by visiting scheduling settingsIn Calendar Settings, connect your calendar.


2.2 Select Google as your calendar provider



2.3 Sign in with your account and enter your password



and Allow our service to access your calendar



2.4 Configure your calendar settings and create a unique booking page URL. Select from which calendar Vectera can check for your availability


2.5 All set! Next step is to create meeting types. Find out more here.

Vectera is looking forward to your feedback so we can offer you the best scheduling and customer meeting experience. Set up your next customer meeting right away by logging into your account or sign-up for a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!

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