Invite a new team member

If you want colleagues or team members to be able to have separate meeting rooms with the same branding, you can invite them to your team. Here's how you can invite them!

Invite a new team member

1) Open your Dashboard and go to Settings - Team members or click on this link.

2) Click on 'Invite a new team member'. A pop-up with a pre-written invitation will appear.

3) Type in the email address, click on the email address and click on 'Send Invite'.

Invite multiple team members at the same time

If you want to add multiple team members at the same time, you can invite the team members one by one or you can send one link to all those people. That second option is way faster.

Just click on Invite a new team member and click on Create link below Send invite. You can copy this link and send it to all the people that need to join your team.

They can paste the link in the browser to login or create a new account. After this step, they can accept the invitation to join the team.

Invite accepted

Once the invited team members have accepted their invitation, they will be automatically added to your team. All the team members will be listed below each other with their first name, last name (if filled in), and email address.

You can make other members admin of your team. This allows them to invite new members, change the team settings and so on...

If you don't want the non-admin team members to see the 'Team member' page, you can uncheck 'Show the team members page to non-admins' in the branding & team settings.


Adding new team members will automatically update your Vectera subscription. Vectera will update the subscription once a day when changes have been made in

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