My Logitech camera doesn't work in Windows. What can I do to fix it?

If you use an external camera (not built-in) you might want to check if the camera is working in windows first.

Open the Camera app and look if it works there. If it works, you can check the steps from this help article.


If you get a black screen and the message as shown in the image above you might want to follow these steps:

  1. Open Device Manager on your computer
  2. Click on cameras and open the external camera

  3. Set 'Startup type' to automatic and the camera should work again

If the third step didn't work you might want to go back to step 2 and right-click on the external camera. Now select Update drive to do an update of the program.

This should fix the problem, if not you might want to check out this help article.


The above help article content and images were based on a help article from another source.

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