Guide: Filter and sort results

When doing GET requests using the API, you can get a lot of results. Therefore Vectera offers filter and sorting options. All endpoints support these options to some degree. If you find an endpoint that doesn't support a query that you want to make, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.



Check out the reference page for all the info on Authorization, Filter & sorting, Rate limits and a list of the endpoints.

Filtering and sorting options


1. Searching


If you want to do a basic search you can add ?search={query} to your GET request.

Example, if I'm looking for a meeting room that consists of "room", I can do the following search:



2. Filtering


To further narrow down your search, you can use the more advanced filter={query} query parameter. You can filter on most fields in a resource.

For example:

  • isTrashed=false

  • key ~ "vectera"

You can combine filters with the boolean operators AND and OR. It's important to have a space before and after AND/OR.

  • size > 1000 AND lastOpened < 2021-01-01T00:00

  • (ownerId = 8d077d9b-528d-4d4c-bfe8-1a9945090b6d OR ownerId = ea970f9b-092c-4564-898a-d04c2d9b91b6) AND isTrashed = false

All the valid Operators (eg. =, ~, <,...) and Data types (eg. string, date, numbers, ..) are listed and explained on the reference page.

Important: your filter queries must be URL-encoded! For example:

GET /meetingRooms?filter=isTrashed%3Dfalse


Example 1. I want to list all the meetings that consist of "room" and have a size larger than 100. I will need a filter that consists of key ~ "room" AND size < 100.

I will perform the following GET request:


Example 2. I want to list all the team members in my team who joined after January 1st 2021. I will need a filter that consists of dateJoined > 2021-01-01T00:00.

I will perform the following GET request:


3. Sorting

To sort the results of a query, you can pass a comma-delimited list of fields to the orderBy query parameter. To sort in descending order, prefix a field with a minus sign (-). For example:

  • orderBy=-openedUntil

  • orderBy=ownerId,-openedUntil

Example. I want Example 1 (key ~ "room" AND size > 100) ordered ascending by last opened. The meeting room that hasn't been opened for the longest time will show as the first result.

I will perform the following GET request:


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