Why do I get a warning message when opening a meeting room in Safari (Mac/IOS)?

October 2021 update: Safari 14 is still having audio and screen sharing issues. Therefore we recommend updating to Safari 15 or using a different browser (eg. Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge) for online meetings in Vectera!

In November 2020 Apple released a new version of the operating system (=Mac OS big sur) and updated IOS to version 14. This meant that Apple's native browser Safari was also updated in both systems.

Unfortunately, the first version of Big Sur and IOS 14 didn't work out well for WebRTC technology. This is the technology where the audio-, videoconferencing and screen share in Vectera is based on. It's the industry standard for web conferencing.

A robotic voice and inconsistent page crashes on Mac and audio issues on IOS were the main problems. Vectera can't guarantee a smooth experience on Safari in those OS/IOS versions and therefore decided to install an informative banner.

Vectera recommends using a different browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera.

Problems that might occur

Mac os big sur:

Safari 15:

  • Pinned camera of host/guest shows black screen

Safari 14.0.3:

  • Audio suddenly stops working on one side

  • Sharing a screen will show as a white screen for the guest

Safari 14.0.2:

  • Page crashes when video is active

  • Pinned camera of guest shows black screen

Safari 14.0.1:

  • Robotic voice - audio can't be heard

IOS 14.1 - 14.2

  • Very inconsistent audio: audio of other users can't be heard

  • Guests that want to take a new picture might see a black screen

Did you notice any other issues/bugs while using Safari for your Vectera meetings, please let the Vectera team know at support@vectera.com!

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