How to use a graphical tablet for drawing in a Vectera meeting room

The whiteboard feature combined with a tablet and drawing pen, makes it possible to easily write, draw and improve your meetings. You can use a standard tablet like an iPad or Microsoft Surface, but you can also use graphical tablets like Wacom. 

General usage of drawing tablets

Standard tablets can be used for both communicating and drawing. A drawing pen gives you the opportunity to easily write and draw on whiteboards, like you would on paper. This is a lot easier than drawing with a computer mouse.

The combination of drawing and talking on the tablet at the same time might not always be ideal so if you still want the luxury of communicating with your guest via your desktop/laptop, there's a pretty easy workaround. Just join the meeting room twice: once from your laptop/desktop for communication and once as a guest on your tablet.

Join the meeting room on your tablet without audio/video and start drawing on the whiteboard. It's as easy as pie!

Drawings displaying slow on whiteboards?

If your computer's CPU usage is high, this may cause large delays between what you write, and when it shows up on the whiteboard. This can make it hard to draw. In this case we recommend to try to draw slower or reduce the CPU usage and then continue.

Reduce the CPU usage:

  • Close unnecessary programs and background processes on your computer
  • Close unnecessary tabs in your browser 
  • Refresh the page or restart the browser, and rejoin the meeting room
  • Close shared screens in the meeting room that you're not actively using
  • Turn out the camera's if the above tips don't help

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