How can I hide 'Team meeting rooms' in the dashboard?

Team admins can change the 'Default team access for meetings' in team settings. With the team access level, you decide whether team members can easily join each other's rooms or have to knock before entering.

If you set up the default meeting room access level on 'Should knock' (as in the example above), this will set the default of all the meeting rooms in your team to 'Should knock'.

However, the team access level can be changed by the host in the meeting room. If the host changes this to 'Can always join' or 'Is host', the meeting room will be visible in the 'Team meeting rooms' tab on the meeting rooms page (as in the example below).

Hide the Team meeting rooms tab

If you prefer to hide the 'Team meeting rooms' on the dashboard, you will have to follow 2 steps in team settings:

  1. Change the 'Default meeting room access level for team members' to Should knock

  2. Uncheck the box below 'Allow overriding the team access level for individual meeting rooms' and hit Save.

Now the tab 'Team meeting rooms' will be invisible and team members won't be able to see each other's meeting rooms.

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