How to enable or disable parameters in the redirect URL of your meeting types?

If you create a meeting type for your booking page, it's possible to redirect the client to a specific page after they book a meeting. You can do this with the power extension Redirecting.


Enter the URL to which you want your clients to be redirected.


Redirect parameters

In the redirect URL, the booking parameters will be added if enabled. Once the client is forwarded to the link, the information that they filled in (eg. First name, Last name, email and custom questions) will be added as parameters in the link. These include:

  • Meeting & appointment type (this is the same)
  • Date & time of selected time slot
  • Location (online or offline)
  • First name, last name
  • Custom questions + their answers (if available)

You can use these parameters to build custom content on your website (e.g. auto fill in a form) or to keep track of the data in your statistics. Ask your website developer for help!


Confirmation screen before redirecting

Toggle off 'Show Vectera confirmation screen before redirecting' if you want the redirect to be immediate. If toggled on, the redirect will occur after 5 seconds.



Unfortunately, not all website creator platforms are able to understand these parameters (eg. Joomla), that's why you can disable this. You can do this by disabling 'Enable redirect parameters'.


When the client gets redirected after booking the meeting, the parameters will not be added to the link anymore.

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