How to set up email and calendar reminders for meetings?

If you have connected your calendar to Vectera and created a meeting type, your clients will be able to book meeting with you. However, sometimes they forget about the meeting, so a reminder can be important. 


You can use Markdown to style the reminder text and add custom HTML to change the layout of your templates.


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Add a reminder to a meeting type

To add a reminder to your meeting type, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Scheduling

  2. Create a new meeting type (Personal or Team) or edit an existing meeting type

  3. Make sure all the information in the 'Meeting type details' and 'Availability' is correct and check the summary

  4. Go to 'Powerful extensions' and open Reminders

  5. If you would like to have a reminder for you and your client before the meeting starts, you can set it up here. A calendar reminder will be a notification from your calendar program. An email reminder is a reminder through email.


    The reminders should be shown in minutes before the meeting starts, e.g. 60 minutes. There are 3 default options that you can choose for both reminders:

    - No reminder

    - 15 minutes

    - 60 minutes

    If you would like to pick another amount of minutes, you click on Custom and fill in the preferred number. (e.g. 30)



  6. Edit other Powerful extensions first or hit save

Change the email reminder template of a meeting type

In 'Customize email templates' you can change the template for the confirmation mail and the email reminder. 


The confirmation mail is the email that your client will receive shortly after they booked the meeting. While the email reminder is an email that your client will receive shortly before the meeting.

  1. Open 'Customize email templates' and then open the template that you want to edit

  2. Change the 'Subject' and 'Text' according to your wishes

  3. Make sure the information in Subject and Text is according to the requirements, click on '?' to see those.

  4. Hit save or edit other settings of the meeting type

Read more about email templates in this help article.

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