How to duplicate meeting types?

When you have a meeting type which shows on your booking page and you want to add a new one that looks like the original one, you can just duplicate the original meeting type.

Duplicating an existing meeting type will save you time, as you will only need to edit a few settings instead of filling in all settings. 


Duplicate a meeting type

  1. Go to the scheduling page in your profile.

  2. In the list of meeting types, go to the meeting type that you want to duplicate, click on the 3 dots and click on 'Duplicate'.

  3. The duplicated meeting type will open and is ready to be edited.


Once the duplicated meeting type is edited and saved, it will show in your list of meeting types.


Note: The duplicated meeting type in the example above was not edited.



To edit 'Duplicate of Meet my name' in the above example, just click on the 3 dots and click on 'Edit'. Any changes to the original meeting type will not affect the duplicated version.


For more information on scheduling and meeting types, you can check the other scheduling help articles or contact!

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