Which parameters to add in order to skip the name and audio/video selection?

For some clients and guests, you want to reduce the number of steps to enter an online meeting room. That's why you can add information to the URL of the meeting room so your client doesn't need to fill in a name or select the audio/video option.

Note: the meeting room URLs below will not be accessible and are only meant as an example for the specific cases.

1. Autofill the name of the guest

It's possible to autofill the name of your guest, so he/she doesn't have to do it anymore. This is not possible when inviting team members or other Vectera users.

  1. If your meeting room URL is

  2. Add the following to your link

  3. Full link

2. Autofill the audio/video selection menu

It's also possible to skip the audio/video selection menu by adding a URL parameter. In that case, your client won't be able to choose the option but will be able to select the correct microphone, speaker and/or camera.

Add the following to your link:

  • Audio + video: ?share=audiovideo

  • Audio only: ?share=audio

  • Video only: ?share=video

  • Join without audio/video: ?share=none

To join the meeting room of the above example with audio only you can send the following link

3. Autofill both name and audio/video selection menu

If you want to autofill both the name and audio/video selection menu, you can add & between the two parameters.

  1. Get your meeting room URL

  2. Add the following to your link

  3. Full link

4. Add parameters to a special invite link

If you've created a private link to invite somebody to a closed meeting room to be able to join the meeting room anytime or to have host rights, you can add parameters as well.

  1. Create a private link with special access (eg. anyone with the link can join)

  2. Add the parameters

  3. Full link

In the example above, we provided the guest with an auto-filled name and audio selection. As the guest had a special link to join without having to knock, he could just enter the room.

If you have any questions about these parameters, contact support@vectera.com.

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