How to end a call for all the participants?

If you're having an online meeting with a customer, colleague or guest, it might happen that a participant forgets to leave a session. In this case, it's very useful to end the call for all the participants. But how can you do that?


When the meeting is over, you have 4 options to end the session:

  1. Leave the meeting room

  2. End call for everyone

  3. End call for everyone but me

  4. Reset the meeting room

Hover over the leave button to see the first three options.

Leave the meeting room or end the call for everyone

If you choose one of the first 3 options to end the call, you can hover over the red 'Leave' button at the bottom center of the meeting room. This will give you the option to leave the room, end the call for everyone or end the call for everyone but yourself.



Leave the meeting room

If you click on the Leave button or hover over it and click on 'Leave call', you will leave the meeting room. All the other participants will still be in the meeting room and will have to manually leave the meeting room or close the browser tab.


End the call for everyone

By selecting 'End call for everyone', you will kick every participant out of the meeting room, including yourself. If the meeting room is locked, all the other participants will have to knock before they can re-enter the meeting room.


End call for everyone but me

This option is very similar to the option above. All the other participants will get kicked out of the meeting room but as the meeting room host, you will remain in the meeting room.


Reset the meeting room

Next to the options to leave the meeting room or to end the call for everyone, you can also choose to reset the meeting room. If you choose to do a full reset of the meeting room, you will also kick everyone out of the meeting room.


A full reset will also remove the chat history, whiteboards and files, recordings and participant activity.



Read more about resetting meeting rooms in this help article.

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